Office Works

Office Works

Get Into Your Office Space. The Office Works: Live. Work. ‘Doo.

Here’s your situation:

You’ve been working from home for a few years now. While it’s great to work in your pajamas, you’re ready to bring your at-home business to the next level and to return to a work-setting; but in an inspiring space. And… bonus points for no longer having to meet clients at the local coffee shop.
You’re ready to launch your new business, but you need a space where you can host meetings and workshops in a boardroom setting.
You’re really needing some time to work outside your home, but you’re not quite ready to go full-time with an office rental space.

We’ve got the solution for you.

Introducing the Office Works. Launched by McAdoo Construction in the former Brown Shoe Administrative building (1865 Rogers Road) in Perth, Office Works will be an incubator space that includes brand-spanking newly renovated private offices with shared amenities at an affordable price.


The Private Offices

McAdoo Construction will offer five private office spaces inside the Office Works facility. We’ve put together some stellar design plans that’ll have your clients impressed, inspired and maybe a tiny bit jealous.

Here’s what’s included with your Office Works private office:
• A private, quiet office with an average size of 150 sq. feet
• Solid doors for sound transfer reduction
• Up-to-date finishes with art laced along the hallway walls
• Furnishings supplied to each office
• Wi-Fi
• Outdoor Signage
• Key Card entry system access

You’ll also access:
• A state-of the art boardroom with time-share booking options with your Office Works neighbours
• Wall-mounted screen with projection capabilities for client laptops
• Boardroom seating for 10-14
• Coffee counter
• Catering services available
• Shared Kitchenette
• Accessible washroom
• Free parking

This is the perfect step to get your own office space without all the overhead. By having the shared office amenities, your lease is totally affordable. You’ll get the office space you’ve been dreaming about to help build your brand on a budget.



The Co-Work Office

Not ready to commit to an office lease? Just need a few hours working outside your home? (So. Much. Laundry.) Then you’re going to like the Shared Co-work Office.

Inside the Office Works, there will be one office designated as a shared co-work space. You can rent one of four work surfaces by the day, week or month. You’ll get access to the kitchen amenities, bathroom and parking while working alongside some like-minded entrepreneurs craving work time outside the home.

The co-work individual rental rate is $30/day; $125/week (weekday access only); $450/month.


When you rent Office Works space, you’ll have:
-clarity by having your own space for creative work
-a beautiful space where you’ll be proud to host clients
-a social circle with other Office Workers
-access to network with other business owners and professionals
-pride in your business
-Pride in yourself for taking this next step with your business



Boardroom Rental

The Office Works will also be renting out the boardroom. Rented by the half day, the boardroom will be available to small businesses, professionals and organizations needing a space to host an AGM, workshop or meeting.

Rates start at $100 for a three-hour rental, and evening and weekend boardroom rentals are available.

To book the boardroom, please call us at 613-264-1172.



Here’s the Office Works layout so you can choose your space.


You have two options. Five of the six office spaces will be private and rented out exclusively to one leasee. The other option is to rent out one of four co-work office work surfaces.

The shared office space is a place where you can rent a desk by the day, week or month! In the 200-square-foot office, we’ve created a space that’ll feel like your own while you work alongside other entrepreneurs. You can book the desk through our front-office staff. We’ll roll out more details on the shared work space in the coming weeks.

For the private office spaces, your rent includes the office (average 150-square-foot spaces), Wi-Fi, heat, hydro, property maintenance and water. We’ll help furnish your office, and you’ll also have access to book the boardroom for up to 20 hours per month. You’ll also be able to use the shared kitchenette, accessible washroom and free parking. The co-work space will include a work surface and chair and access to the kitchenette, bathroom and parking.

The private office rental is $500/month all inclusive.*

The co-work space is $30/day; $125/week (weekday access only); $450/month.

As a private office renter, you’ll get access to 20 hours of boardroom time. It’s booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Co-work space renters pay an additional fee for any boardroom use, if available.

The Office Works includes professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations.

We are currently signing annual leases for the private offices, but they can range from one to five years.


What am I waiting for? Right?! Here’s your chance to create a work space that meets all your needs. Please connect with us for a meeting to chat about your options.

Office Works Spaces Available for May 1, 2017!

The McAdoo Construction crew is currently working on the Office Works renovation space. They’re taking the blueprints and bringing them to life, including the state-of-the-art boardroom and six office spaces.

Ready to Rent?

Set to open in May, 2017, private office rentals are available at $500/month* while co-work individual rental space slots are $30/day, $125/week (weekdays only) and $450/month. To learn more, give us a call at 613-264-1172.
*Prices subject to change.